Our dear, brilliant and very clever friends at Extract

Posted by on November 24, 2011 in Coffee, Friends, suppliers | 0 comments

Extract coffee roasters logoThe best coffee roasters in the land (well at least in our humble opinion) have featured our story on their fantastic new website (here).

If you are not aware of the work of Extract then may we suggest that you fill that gaping hole in your life and familiarise yourself with some of the best beans your ever likely to get your hands on.

The entrepreneurial band have been diligently beavering away perfecting their art whilst largly keeping their heads below the radar. With a steadily growing band of (fanatically) loyal customers and a handful of cafes they’ve been striving out west for several years now but the time has finally come and they are emerging from their cocoon in a blaze of glory.

Thanks for the hits guys!