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5 reasons why you should Pop-Up your own restaurant

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5 reasons why you should Pop Up your own restaurant   Over the past several years, pop-ups have been more and more present around us. It started originally in the 1960’s as supper clubs and have taken place in unexpected places, under-used venues, homes for a limited time. Pop-up are very flexible and serve many different purposes, charity events, art exhibition, showcase of up and coming chefs and the list is endless. If you are not convinced as yet that starting your own pop-up adventure is the way forward, you will find those 5...

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40 Alfred Place Private Hire Venue Pictures

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Upstairs 40 Alfred Place Our wonderful private hire venue in the heart of Kingsdown, Bristol in pictures.  The upstairs area of the restaurant plays hosts to a spacious dining area, fully equipped bar with the kitchen raised at the back of the building. Upstairs from the Window Table Upstairs from the Main Door Upstairs with Diners from the Kitchen The Window Table Through the Window at...

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