About 40 Alfred Place

40 Alfred Place is a little bit different

Popup Dining is a new concept in catering & hospitality.

40 Alfred Place is unique. It’s not just a space and venue for hire, it’s a 40-seat fully licensed restaurant for hire. The idea is to provide a beautiful blank canvas for you to take over and make your own. So whether you’re looking to test the waters as a budding restaurateur, throw a great party, spread your supper club wings or you need a regular spot for your scrabble club, stitch ‘n’ bitch or poetry slam, at 40 alfred place you control the space.

Hire just the space or for a small additional fee you can let rip in the well-equipped professional kitchen and bar. Cooking in volume not your thing? Then let us take care of that for you. We work with a range of the city’s top chefs (no really we do) and front of house staff to make your event, party, product launch or pop up the … ehem … mutts nuts!